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Tips to Make Your Own 70s Fancy Dress

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Tips to Make Your Own 70s Fancy Dress

The trademarks of the 1970s fashion included bell bottoms, flowing dresses, tie-dye, leisure suits, and platforms. The 70s costumes or fashion portrayed a kind of “anything goes” attitude. You can use the 70s costume for a Halloween, play or any other purpose. Whether you are on budget or simply want a home-made 70s costume, you can create your own 70’s costume.

Here are helpful tips on how to make your own 70s costume;

Draw Inspiration From the 1970s Pictures

This is a great way to create stunning 70s fashion. Check family or friends’ album that contains the 1970s photos, paying attention to the outfits and adornments.

Talk to Someone from the 70s

If you know anyone who hails from this era, particularly someone who was an adult during this period, you...

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