Tips to Make Your Own 70s Fancy Dress

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Tips to Make Your Own 70s Fancy Dress

The trademarks of the 1970s fashion included bell bottoms, flowing dresses, tie-dye, leisure suits, and platforms. The 70s costumes or fashion portrayed a kind of “anything goes” attitude. You can use the 70s costume for a Halloween, play or any other purpose. Whether you are on budget or simply want a home-made 70s costume, you can create your own 70’s costume.

Here are helpful tips on how to make your own 70s costume;

Draw Inspiration From the 1970s Pictures

This is a great way to create stunning 70s fashion. Check family or friends’ album that contains the 1970s photos, paying attention to the outfits and adornments.

Talk to Someone from the 70s

If you know anyone who hails from this era, particularly someone who was an adult during this period, you can ask them for ideas on how to dress like the 70s. You can also find out if they still have some of their fashion items from this era.

Visit Your Local Library

Perusing through some 70s Fancy Dress such as fashion and photo magazines is another great way to generate ideas on 70s costumes. Your local library could be the best place to find such publications. You can also browse publications from the 70s and make copies that you can take along with you.

Visit Your Local Thrift Store

Visit your local thrift store to see if you can find items for ’70s fashion. Based on the fashion ideas you’ve gathered so far, you will likely find materials and items in a thrift store that would help you create your own 70s costumes.

More Tips

If you desire to reflect a hippie look, some of the outfits to consider include sandals, tie-dye, converse sneakers, sundresses and long hair.

You may also want to flaunt a more sophisticated 70s look. In that case, consider a gunny dress. This dress is characteristic of many 70s women, which they wore to formal events.

You can also experiment with leisure suit, coat to match, as well as pants suit in plaid. Consider colors other than black or brown. The leisure suits of the 70s were mostly available in polyester.

Put your outfits together and start thinking of suitable accessories and hairstyles. If you settled for hippie 70s costumes, think of complementing it with scarf tied around your head, which is typical of hippies. Hippies also wore bracelets and long necklaces.

If you do not want a hippie jewelry, consider gold chains and belt buckles that typified the disco era. For hairstyle, feathered hair was typical of 1970s women and the front of the hair was always curled backwards. Men on the other hand wore long hair.

There are other 70s costume ideas you can add to the list above.